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Clearview Intelligence delivers innovative solutions that harness intelligence, inform decisions, and influence behaviour - making journeys work. Combining first-class sensing technology, a powerful data intelligence and analytics platform, and unrivalled ongoing service and support, we solve complex transport challenges to: Improve Predictability; Enhance Safety; Reduce Congestion; Transform Behaviour; Optimise Parking.

We create intelligent solutions that make journeys work. Our 40-year history is studded with invention and innovation. Our track record and our testimonials speak for themselves. Best-in-class sensing technology and a powerful intelligence analytics platform (Insightâ„¢) provide a strong foundation, and our outstanding service and support do the rest.

The potential applications of Clearview Intelligence technology range wide, covering diverse areas of transport infrastructure from motorways to car parks. Positively impacting behaviour and actions of users and operators alike, we solve a myriad problems, making journeys better by focusing on five key areas: predictability; safety; congestion; behaviour; parking.

Working for a broad range of government, local authorities and private companies we serve our clients, end users and public with solutions to help ease journeys across the UK and around the world. Our work can be in conjunction with larger scale improvement schemes or as stand-alone solutions designed to solve a specific one-off problem.

Every Clearview Intelligence solution is tailored to the needs of the individual customer. We carefully select and configure each element and its accompanying services to give you the right levels of performance, reliability and accuracy to meet the various challenges posed by local environments and your expectations.

Our fully managed support effectively supplies data as a service. It's adaptable to many applications including traffic flow monitoring, junction safety, journey time monitoring, and parking optimisation. All the elements that make up our fully managed service are available individually or in combination, with flexible SLAs - this way, we can specify exactly the right support for you.

For more information on our products, services and solutions please visit our website at www.clearview-intelligence.com.

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Products at the Show

IRS2 Hardwired Intelligent Road Studs

Specifically developed to reduce the number of road accidents and increase safety for all users. Easy to install, cost-effective, unobtrusive, with low maintenance and low power requirements. Suitable for a wide range of environments, from dynamic lane marking, to tunnels to rail level crossings.

SolarLite Road Studs

Smart, safe and sustainable studs, providing delineation, guidance and hazard warning. Proven to reduce accident rates by over 70%. Ultra bright LEDs provide up to 10 x greater visibility than traditional retro-reflective studs, increasing the reaction time for the driver from 3.2 seconds to over 30 seconds.

M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection System

Wireless vehicle detection using embedded in-road sensors. Reliable, low-cost, easy to install alternative to traditional inductive loops. Suitable for all UTMC systems, including SCOOT, MOVA and System D.

M680 Vehicle Count and Classification

Available in a range of configurations from monitoring of a single lane of traffic for car park applications, through to 8 lane motorways with both piezo sensors and inductive loops. Reports vehicle counts, class, direction, speed, lengths, axles, axle spacing and gap/headway in each lane. Remote management and data collation. Battery, mains or solar powered options.

M830 Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring

Integrates with existing physical infrastructure and provides a cost-effective alternative to ANPR installations for monitoring the flow of traffic at permanent or temporary locations. Non-invasive, non-intrusive.