Hill & Smith Ltd and Asset International VRS

Hill & Smith Ltd and Asset International VRS aspire to be market leaders in their specialist fields and are part of the infrastructure products group of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC. Their focus: a desire for continuous improvement and to drive safety forward across our increasingly busy road network.

Hill & Smith Ltd and Asset International VRS aspire to be market leaders in their specialist fields and are part of the infrastructure products group of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC. Their focus: a desire for continuous improvement and to drive safety forward across our increasingly busy road network.

For Hill & Smith Ltd, their range of barriers and vehicle restraint systems includes; • Steel Barriers – FLEXBEAM, FLEXBEAM PLUS and HI-FLEX are systems for highways, motorways and dual carriageways tested to EN1317 • Wire Rope Barriers – BRIFEN is world renowned for its wire rope system, again used on the highways and alongside steep inclines. Tested to EN1317, NCHRP350 and specialised Swedish standards. • Hybrid Impact Protection – BRIFLEX incorporates steel barriers and wire rope to give the ultimate central reservation protection. Tested to EN1317 with a containment of H2 and a working width of W5. • Armco – Off Road systems for protecting your assets. • Pedestrian Guardrail – Systems installed alongside the road to help protect pedestrians and guide them to safer crossing points.

As part of their service, they have an in-house technical department on hand to help assist and guide you with your project to ensure your every need is catered for. Their manufacturing facilities are on site so they can oversee your order from conception to completion and ensure their high quality standards are met. Upon completion of your order, they have their own transport available to deliver your goods and deliver you cost savings. Stay in touch and connect with us on LinkedIn! Twitter: @HillSmithLtd @HS_Armco

Asset International VRS is the leading supplier and manufacturer for temporary vehicle restraint systems in the UK. With their renowned brands including; ZONEGUARD, VARIOGUARD and M.A.S.S, they are the only choice for these type of barrier systems.

Their range of vehicle restraint systems includes: • ASSET VARIOGUARD® - temporary steel highway safety barrier system - unique energy absorbing features and enables rapid installation at very competitive rates from our huge, strategically located rental pool of barriers. • ASSET M.A.S.S. Roll-on Roll-off road safety barrier - base unit is a steel barrier consisting of hot dip galvanised elements powder coated in highly visible safety colours. • ASSET ZONEGUARD® The lowest deflecting portable steel highway barrier in the world. • ASSET QUEST™ CEN Low-cost lightweight bi-directional safety crash cushion system has been successfully tested using EN 1317-3 criteria for 110 km/h, 100 km/h and 80 km/h levels. • ASSET QUADGUARD™ CEN Quick and easy energy-absorbing bi-directional crash cushion system is designed to protect motorists in vehicles up to 1,500 kg, from roadside hazards as narrow as 610 mm and as wide as 2,285 mm.

Additionally, they provide supply and install low deflection permanent road safety systems, easy opening vehicular gates and crash cushions. Asset provides a full installation service across the UK and in Ireland via their various strategically located depots for a high quality service to match their high quality products. All of Asset’s products are fully tested and approved and they aim to provide cost-effective solutions to client requirements supported by professionally qualified engineers.

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  • HS Corporate Brochure (8 MiB)

    Our corporate brochure gives you a better understanding of who we are and what we do. It provides additional information on our CE Marking, our technical portal Xtratech and the variety of products we provide.

  • HS Off Road Brochure (0.86 MiB)

    Our off road brochure provides further information on products available that have been designed and manufactured to accommodate commercial and industrial environments. Our off road brochure includes information on our untested barrier system and our pedestrian guardrail.

  • Zoneguard brochure (1.46 MiB)

    Our Zoneguard brochure provides more information on application and benefits of this unique system. It also details the testing standards and criteria Zoneguard meets to give the ultimate protection for installers, road workers and drivers.

  • Varioguard brochure (0.85 MiB)

    Our Varioguard brochure gives you the information you need to make the most out of this temporary or permanent steel barrier system. It also provides further information on our Sologuard crossover solutions and all benefits and application of these solutions.

  • M.A.S.S Edinburgh City Case Study (661.9 KiB)

    This case study details how our M.A.S.S was used to help deliver protection for pedestrians, workforce and vehicle drivers throughout the installation of the new electric trams.

  • M.A.S.S Bristol Great Western Case Study (4.81 MiB)

    This case study provides further information on how M.A.S.S was installed alongside the railway to keep workers safe on the Filton Bank section of railway between Bristol Parkway and Bristol Temple Meads railway stations.

  • M.A.S.S Heysham to M6 Link Case Study (2.81 MiB)

    This case study specifies how Costain were able to utilise our M.A.S.S to keep pedestrians, site workers and traffic safe upon construction and works on the Heysham to M6 link on the motorway.




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Hill & Smith Ltd - Safety Barrier Product Video (2015) / Felxbeam / Brifen

Hill & Smith Ltd - Safety Barrier Product Video This video demonstrates our variety of safety barrier products available and footage of them withstanding impacts from small and larger vehicles.


Xtratech Technical Portal Video This video details more information on our technical portal Xtratech where users can sign up to for technical data on our products.

Asset VRS

Asset International VRS This video encompasses all of Asset's offerings for permanent and temporary barrier solutions. It provides footage of the barriers withstanding impacts from small and larger vehicles to demonstrate the effectiveness of our systems.