Manufacturers of specialist products for the civil engineering and construction industries. Products include protective coatings, concrete formwork treatments, joint fillers, waterproofing solutions and more.

Celebrating 50 Years of Manufacturing 1966 - 2016

Nufins manufacture a comprehensive range of high performance specialist construction products for use on civil engineering, construction, repair and refurbishment projects.

As part of USL Group, Nufins has been associated nationally and internationally with many prestigious projects including power stations, water treatment schemes, infrastructure, bridges and tunnels. Our expertise and flexibility provides us a reputation with innovative products for concrete repair, joint sealing, corrosion control, structural grouting, waterproofing and protective coatings for concrete structures.

We take innovation seriously and believe it is the only way a manufacturing company can prosper in our highly competitive industry. That is why Nufins invests resource into their laboratories, concentrating on development of ground breaking products to improve effectiveness and efficiency on construction sites across the world.

Nufins recognises the importance of being an active member of specialist organisations, allowing us to keep in close contact with the latest industry developments. We work in partnership with architects, consultants and contractors to improve product technology, quality and performance, thus benefiting all stakeholders.

Materials are manufactured under the ISO 9001 Quality Management Scheme. All products for repair and protection of concrete structures are tested in accordance with BS EN 1504 and carry the CE Label, thus providing Nufins' customers with confidence in the quality and reliability of our specialist product range.

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