W.D.M. Limited

W.D.M. Limited Structures Management System (SMS) allows engineers to create Structure Types, display against map backgrounds, and monitor General and Principal Inspections to both historic and new CSS Inspection Rules. It calculates Bridge Stock Condition Indices; records, manipulates and prioritises maintenance work by element, work category and repair type.

W.D.M. Limited has been at the cutting edge of surveying road surfaces for nearly half a century and is recognised as a global leader in the struggle to make roads safer and save lives. The Company’s integrated infrastructure asset management systems link road and highway condition data with accidents, structures, customer services, inventory, routine road and pavement maintenance, works orders, street works and street lighting. Applications use server-based technology to deploy modules using client and web browser interfaces. Configurations range from corporate server farms to standalone PCs. All modules adopt a common GUI and feature query building, map presentation, reporting and data collection. GIS support is implemented using Open GIS standards. W.D.M. Limited Structures Management System (SMS) module is available as a separate low cost standalone product, but is also capable of operating within an integrated WDM® Management System to provide integration between Structures and Highways. For further information www.wdm.co.uk

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