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Light, strong and durable FRP profiles and gratings “Fiberline is one of the world’s leading suppliers of pultruded FRP profiles for structures. For more than 30 years we have manufactured durable solutions for construction purposes all over Europe. Our focus is quality, efficiency and a high degree of technical innovation”.

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Fiberline Composites A/S

Products at the Show

Fiberline Plank HD

Heavy duty plank typically used for pedestrian and cycle bridges and other types of deck subjected to heavy load. The properties of the HD Plank are well-documented, it is easy to machine and resistant to attack even in highly corrosive environments. This contributes to low overall costs.

FBD300 Bridge Deck

Strong and lightweight composite profile designed for access road bridges. Fast installation and minimal maintenance makes FBD 300 a cost effective alternative to traditional construction materials.

FBD600 Bridge Deck (ASSET)

Profile system designed for road bridges with heavy vehicle load, e.g. highway or railway bridges. The FBD600 bridge decks are corrosion resistant and weigh only 20% of comparable RC decks. Hence, FBD600-decks permits the use of light lifting equipment on site and dramatically speeds up construction, leading to reduced traffic management costs during bridge construction.

Fiberline Handrail Systems

Fiberline’s GFRP handrail systems combine high strength and low weight with corrosion resistance. This makes the handrail system an excellent, cost efficient alternative to traditional materials such as wood, steel and aluminium.

GFRP Gratings

Durable and corrosion resistant GFRP gratings are suitable for aggressive environments such as offshore and chemical industries. The lightweight materiale is easy to customize on site e.g. to pipe entries. Fiberline offers a wide range of moulded and pultruded gratings.


Pultrusion at Fiberline Composites A/S

One of Fiberline's distinctive features is its production process – pultrusion. In Fiberline's pultrusion technique, dry fibres are drawn continuously through a closed die in which they are impregnated with a matrix. As the process is continuous, consistently high quality can also be achieved.

Bro over Bording Å

Explore how the foot and cycle bridge over the River Bording Å in Denmark was erected.

Fiberline How To #1: Cutting fibreglass

Fiberline's "How To" videos are for people who have never previously worked with fibreglass or who want to make working with it easier.