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USL BridgeCare

Manufacture, supply and installation of bridge expansion joints and spray applied bridge deck waterproofing membranes.

USL BridgeCare provides a complete service to the civil engineering and building industry for bridge deck protection which includes the supply and installation of bridge deck expansion joints and also the supply and application of spray applied bridge deck membranes.

The bridge expansion joint range of products cater for movements from 20mm through to 1600mm and include the "Britflex BEJ" which is the most popular joint used on the UK's motorway and trunk road network with over one hundred thousand linear metres currently in use.

The division also manufacture and apply their Britdex MDP waterproofing system which is a rapid curing, spray applied methyl methacrylate membrane. All of USL's products have a proven track record and comply with the latest international Highways Agency approvals backed by USL's own individual client guarantee.

Through their technical department USL BridgeCare are able to offer a complete package of services to clients and will review a particular application from initial design to final installation to ensure the selection of the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

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Products at the Show

Britflex BEJ

A surface mounted mechanical system, with an elastomeric insert between two metal runners /carrier rails. Set into a, rapid curing resin compound known as Britflex® Resin Mortar. The polyureide resin provides unrivalled anchorage to the deck due to its remarkable bonding qualities, meaning that no mechanical fixings are required.


MEJS is a mechanical device installed in bridge expansion joint openings. The primary function of the MEJS is to allow vehicle traffic to travel smoothly across large expansion joint openings. It does this by dividing the large expansion joint openings into a series of smaller openings called cells. These cells work together to accommodate the necessary thermal bridge movement (expansion and contraction) while providing a smooth riding surface for bridge vehicle traffic. The MEJS is normally used for expansion joints with a movement range up to 960mm

Transflex HM

The High Movement Transflex® expansion joints have been designed to cover large movements for bridges and viaducts with large spans, but also for structures in seismic areas. They consist of two modules, the movement module and the bridging module. The movement module is the 'mobile' section of the joint, made of rubber and steel, aimed to accommodate the expected movements. The bridging module is the 'fixed' section of the joint, aimed to bridge the structural opening.

The High Movement Transflex® expansion joints absorb large movements while providing remarkable comfort to traffic, effective sealing, low maintenance and easy replacement.

Britdex MDP

A Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) waterproofing system comprises of up to three separate environmentally friendly layers each offering different properties to the system. The system offers a 100% effective seamless bridge deck waterproofing membrane and the design of the system means that it is extremely durable and flexible, resulting in its suitability for application to a variety of surfaces and structures.


Pitchmastic PmB is a two part, spray applied, durable corrosion protection and waterproofing material. The high performance system is 100% polyurethane containing no fillers or additives and is VOC free. Once applied, Pitchmastic PmB has exceptional bond strength to all commonly used substrates, has excellent crack bridging capability and a life expectancy in excess of 30 years and holds British Board of Agrément approval.