Mabey is a leading international bridge and engineering services specialist. Our bridge capabilities include the design, manufacture, installation and monitoring of permanent and temporary bridges. We help infrastructure customers deliver their projects more safely, quickly and efficiently in the road, rail, utilities and construction sectors.

Across the wider Mabey group, our engineering capabilities also include design and provision of temporary works including propping, jacking; environmental monitoring services; formwork and falsework systems and the hire of non-mechanical groundworks equipment.

Mabey has been in business for nearly 100 years, employs more than 800 people and delivers projects from 38 locations around the world.

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Mabey Compact 200™

The Compact 200™ (C200™) system is Mabey’s most widely used modular bridging product and is available for both permanent and temporary applications. With a heritage stretching back over 70 years to the original Bailey Bridge system, the system's extensive use worldwide pays testament to its versatility.

The compact bridge system uses standard, interchangeable steel components to provide robust, rapidly deployed and erected solutions for; permanent bridges, temporary bridges, rural bridges, access bridges, footbridges and emergency and contingency bridging applications. Emergency and contingency bridge stocks, held in country, allow for immediate availability when needed.

The C200™ can carry up to two lanes of traffic, with options for internal and external foot walks, and can be configured as a single or multiple span compact bridge. Multi-span solutions are supported on intermediate piers, meaning that there is no limitation to the length the C200™ can bridge; this makes it a versatile solution suited to a wide range of applications. Floating bridge solutions, using pontoon systems and bespoke connections, have also been achieved, as well as jetty applications for ferry and barge access.

The C200™ can also be adapted to serve as pipe or utility support bridges suited to carrying, for example, oil, water, gas pipes, conveyors and other services and is the most adaptable and versatile solution in the Mabey range.

Mabey Universal™

The Mabey Universal™ is a robust modular bridging system designed to cope with the heavy duty vehicles used in construction, mining, oil and gas and extractive industries, and is available for both permanent and temporary applications.

The Mabey Universal™ system uses standardised, interchangeable steel components to provide robust, rapid-build solutions for permanent rural bridges, temporary access and emergency bridging. Achievable span lengths, in span increments of 2.25m, vary according to loading but multiple span structures supported on intermediate piers mean that the suitability of the Mabey Universal™ is not restricted by length of crossing.

Its unique combination of pre-engineered modular components, simple pinned / bolted connections, heavy load capability and robust design makes the system ideal for use as a stock bridge system in country. Transport authorities worldwide use the Universal™ as a rapid deployment bridge system, not only for disaster relief but also on public road diversions during bridge reconstruction or for heavy plant site access and temporary haul road applications.

Mabey Delta™

Our Delta Bridges provide a proprietary pre-fabricated modular bridging system suited for long-spanning permanent applications on main highways or in rural areas. It uses standardised, interchangeable steel components with full highway loading capability to provide a permanent, lightweight, steel bridging solution which can be configured for clear spans of up to 100 metres. It can also be supplied in multiple spans, supported on intermediate piers, meaning that there is no limitation to the length it can bridge.

Combining the best of off-site fabrication with high speed construction and rapid installation, our Delta Bridges offer significant advantages over more traditional construction techniques which involve major site work. The versatility and robustness of its design means that it can be easily assembled and dismantled, making it equally suited to long-term temporary bridge applications.

Mabey can supply a solution to suit your particular requirements and we are able to accommodate any special load requirements as well as site specific topography, extremes of temperature, high wind loads, and seismic requirements.

Mabey Atlas™

The Mabey Atlas Bridge combines the benefits of a unique pre-engineered, modular deck system with the simplicity of plate girder fabrication, creating a lightweight steel bridging system which is fully pre-fabricated.

Available in both standard and bespoke designs, the Atlas can be configured as a conventional permanent bridge for both urban and rural applications, or as a permanent flyover to ease urban traffic congestion.

Our Atlas Bridges can accommodate 2 lanes of traffic per module (4 lanes side by side) and can be used in multiple span applications with no length restrictions, and supported on intermediate piers where required. We can also supply parapets and external walkways if required.

All of our Atlas Bridges can be tailored to meet customer-specific requirements. In addition to any special load requirements, we are able to accommodate site-specific topography, extremes of high temperature, high wind loads and seismic requirements.

Mabey Logistic Support Bridge™ (Mabey LSB™)

The Mabey Logistic Support Bridge (LSB) is the lighter, stronger, modern successor to the original Bailey Bridge developed during World War II. It combines the original benefits of the Bailey Bridge – rapid erection, simple to build, robust modular design and fully interchangeable standard components – with more modern materials, steel decking, integral grillages and a fully adjustable ramp system. The ground beam and grillage system, unique to Mabey, enables construction on greenfield sites with no special preparation required.

The Mabey LSB is primarily used on Main Supply Routes, upgrading these for heavier traffic to replace damaged civilian bridges and to replace temporary assault and general support bridges. Longer span bridges can also be provided using fixed piers or floating pontoons. It is also used as an over-bridge in weakened or damaged bridging applications, and is frequently deployed in emergency response following natural disasters.

The LSB has been constructed, trained on or purchased by more than 75% of NATO nations and several NATO partner nations, and has been adopted by many Armed Forces worldwide. It has been used extensively on operations by the US Army, the US Marine Corps and the US Navy Seabees.

The LSB is supplied with a comprehensive training and support package, delivered by a team of ex-military instructors, who, in addition to their military experience, each have extensive experience of constructing the complete range of Mabey bridges in some of the most inaccessible places in the world.


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Mabey Brand Film

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