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Acklea offers today’s Traffic Management market a wide range of products with the emphasis on operator safety and high performance. For our customers, Acklea’s extensive experience means they are safe in the knowledge that they are in the right hands.

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Red X

The Red X is a Variable Message Sign (VMS) that has the ability to display other authorised symbols, something many alternative models on the market cannot offer.

The Red X operates with a deployed cushion and signboard, this design has been made to meet changes in the Highways England's operating practices.

This makes the latest product from Acklea an ideal choice for Traffic Management contractors in the UK.


Night Owl Classic uses proven technology and has established a worldwide reputation as the most robust and reliable extending mast system. The Nightowl benefits from:

◊ Mast extension up to 3 meters above vehicle roof mounting to maximize camera view.

◊ Fast, horizontal to full vertical mast extension.

◊ Rapid mast stowage.

◊ No internal vehicle space required.

◊ Operated from a vehicle’s own battery system.

◊ Smooth pan and tilt 350 degree rotation of mast head.

◊ Modular construction for easy maintenance and full diagnostics analysis.

◊ Operates in a wide range of environmental conditions.

◊ Totally self-contained, operating from the vehicle’s own 12v/24v battery system, no generator or external power supply necessary.

◊ Viewing live camera footage to remote viewers and across multiple platforms including mobile phones, tablets and PC’s.

7.2T Plastic TM

Acklea’s 7 tonne Iveco Daily light commercial vehicles incorporate a new body design which make them a ‘game changer’ for traffic management operations. They can carry enough equipment for a full 2km lane closure, whilst offering multiple safety and operational benefits over larger truck chassis typically used for such deployments.