NAL Limited

NAL Ltd was established in 1996, with the launch of a range of innovative Retention Socket systems into the highway industry. This unique system revolutionised the way in which Local Authority and Highways Agencies install their street and highway furniture.

At this year’s exhibition NAL will be exhibiting our full product range which have been specifically designed for use within Traffic Signal industry, including:

• Retention Socket Systems • Chambers and Duct Systems • Controller Cabinet Bases • Manhole Covers and Frames • Carriageway Loop and Detector Chambers • Termination Enclosures • Flexible Bollard Systems • Temporary Foundations and Cable Shroud

NAL will also be demonstrating the latest use for its Retention Socket as a simple and future-proofed option for EV charging infrastructure. As public charging networks are still in the relatively early stages of development, the technology continues to evolve rapidly. NAL have a number of solutions to meet the needs of this developing technology, which is likely to lead to EV charging points requiring more frequent upgrades than traditional street furniture.

The NAL team look forward to seeing everybody and discussing how the NAL product range can help provide maintenance free installations.

Contact Details

Donna Harding +44 01905 427100 Visit Website


  • Case Study - X-Last Baliza, Edinburgh (618.55 KiB)

    To section off the end of the line of a tram route, the City of Edinburgh Council needed a high resistance, durable and maintenance free bollard. They turned to the X-Last range and chose to install the Baliza.

  • Case Study - Keep Left Bollard Installation, Kilmarnock (0.82 MiB)

    East Ayrshire Council have adopted the NAL Retention Socket system for the installation of keep left Weebol Bollards on refuge islands in Kilmarnock. The local authority required a system whereby damaged bollards could be easily replaced without the need for excavating foundations and re-installing.

  • Case Study - X-Last Manchester Bollard, West Lothian (786.98 KiB)

    To increase safety for school children and pedestrians near St Mary’s primary school, West Lothian Council chose the NAL X-Last Impact bollard. The bollard was chosen for segregation of the busy carriageway and pavement. It is able to endure multiple impacts, bending a full 90 degrees flat to the ground before instantly rebounding back to its vertical position. Following the most severe impacts the X-Last will return to its original form in 30 minutes.

  • Case Study - Pedestrian Guardrail - Glasgow (0.84 MiB)

    NAL Retention Sockets are being installed on Pedestrian Guard Railing throughout Glasgow. There is a constant problem with guard rail being damaged and knocked down. Removal was always expensive and time consuming job with traditional concrete foundations. NAL Retention Socket allows any guard rail to be removed and replaced within minutes by a two man team with minimal traffic management.

  • Case Study - Retention Socket, Stirling (612.21 KiB)

    Stirling Council chose to install their Bus stop Posts into the NAL 76mm Retention Socket as the product offered numerous installation and maintenance benefits over the traditional concrete foundation. The civil’s contractor was able to install all the retention sockets without the need for the posts or signs on site.

  • Case Study - Detector Chamber, Tay Bridge (817.3 KiB)

    Dundee City Council has utilised the NAL Detector Chamber system to house Siemens magnetometers on Tay Bridge crossing. The system was installed on the Northbound carriageway off slip towards the new waterfront project. Installed in under 20 minutes, it caused minimal disruption to the general public.

  • Case Study - EV Charging, Southwark (606.87 KiB)

    With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular, the demand for EV charging points is rising and TFL are working on the infrastructure required for making these accessible to the public. NAL have developed a universal foundation system which simplifies and future-proofs the installation of EV rapid charge units, which were used in this installation in Southwark.


Worcester Foregate Knockdown short

An early morning road traffic collision in Worcester City caused major delays at a busy crossroad. A bus mounted the pavement and crashed into the guard rail, knocking down a traffic signal pole.