Archway Roadmaster (UK)

Archway Roadmaster are the manufacturer of the Roadmaster® spray injection patching equipment range and currently supplies over 50 local authorities in the U.K and Ireland. For the last two decades the Company has offered the industry a number of services, including machines sales, training and a comprehensive Highways Contracting Service.

The Company has developed innovative solutions for the highways maintenance industry for nearly two decades and provides Roadmaster® technology to local authorities and contractors through machine sales and as a maintenance contractor.

The Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patcher

Archway’s flagship product, the “Roadmaster®” Spray Injection Patching machine, incorporates the latest technology to allow a single operator to carry out road repairs from the safety of the chassis cab. This technology increases operator safety and repair quality, while reducing cost.

The Roadmaster® offers the end user a number of key benefits when compared with alternative spray injection patching machines:

• Reduced exposure to traffic and reduced risk to the operator, as the operator is not required to leave the cab to repair the road. • Reduced manpower requirement. • Precision mechanical control resulting in high quality durable repairs. • A “Surface dressing” type application for sheet patching. • Optional fiber enhanced repairs to reduce reflective cracking. • Heating of emulsion for cold weather application (up to 80c).

Please email sales@archwayproducts.com for further information or call Matt Walker on 07793 486979.

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