IKM Surveying

IKM Surveying work as part of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and environmental scientists to provide our clients’ with Specialist Surveying & 3D Laser Scanning Solutions. Our services include Laser Scanning, Utility Detection, Mobile Mapping and a wide range of Land and Specialty Surveys across Scotland and the UK.

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Products at the Show

Mobile Mapping

IKM Surveying offer mobile mapping vehicle mounted surveys to our clients, collecting data remotely from a moving vehicle rather than the conventional process of the scanner being in one place. Mobile Mapping allows us to cover a large area whilst gathering accurate data for the client. Data can be collected in a fraction of the time a conventional survey takes which minimises safety risk, programme delays and cost. In addition, mobile mapping can eliminate the need for traffic management saving meaning more cost savings for the client.

3D Laser Scanning

IKM’s 3D Laser Scanning team are able to offer fast and accurate 3D scanning across a wide range of industries. Our experienced team complete your scan and this generates 3D point cloud data.

This data can be manipulated and exported in a number of user-friendly formats including 3D AutoCAD drawings, 360° visualisations or the complete model.

Utility Detection

By undertaking a utility detection survey utilising ground penetrating radar (GPR), we’ll be able to detect and verify any known or uncharted underground services.

IKM will provide high-quality colour drawings showing the detected utilities along with the main topographic and surface features. We offer a full range of bespoke GPR & utility detection surveys to your desired specification or industry accredited standard. Surveys are conducted to either PAS 128 or TSA standards.


Surveying Services Showreel

Here's our latest showreel showcasing some of our services.