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Leading designer and manufacturer of bollards, verge marker posts, highway safety solutions and traffic sign lighting products. With over 50 years’ experience working directly with highways professionals, we have a team of experts on hand to help with advice when you need it.

Glasdon will be showcasing solutions for rural, urban and suburban road and cycle path schemes. The range includes passively safe and rigid bollards, verge marker posts, chevron systems, village gateway signs and LED traffic sign lighting and illuminated and retroreflective keep left bollards.

Glasdon have been leading the market in the UK for over 50 years since the launch of the Vergemaster™ marker post in 1966, which was specifically designed and manufactured as a safer, lower maintenance alternative to the concrete and timber posts in use at the time.

For this year’s Expo, the Glasdon Highway Safety Team will be showcasing their latest range of solutions including the new retroreflective Signmaster™ Ultra Rebound Bollard with its unique body-to-base fixing design. They will also be on hand throughout to demonstrate the scope and application of the products, installation and maintenance.

Rural schemes? Talk to the team about grass verge and hazard marker posts including the Vergemaster RX™, the Glasdon Village Gateway which is designed to help reduce traffic speeds by creating a clear, highly visible demarcation at the entrance to a rural community and the versatile wood effect Glenwood™ Post.

For urban and suburban schemes, talk to the team about low energy sign lighting and zero energy retroreflective bollards and bollards for traffic calming measures.

The team will also be showcasing solutions for cycle lanes including the passively safe Illuminated Mini-Ensign™ Bollard and bollards for pavements and pedestrian areas.

We look forward to seeing you!

Contact Details

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Products at the Show

Signmaster™ Ultra Rebound Bollard

Retroreflective self-righting traffic bollard offering high-grade reflectivity for non-illuminated schemes. Compliant to BS 8442:2015 and crash tested to 100kph, its unique body-to-base design (patent pending) eliminates internal mechanisms, providing optimum retroreflective and anti-twist rebound performance with minimal maintenance.

Chevroflex Ultra™ Sign System

Chevroflex chevron boards are passively safe to BS EN 12767 for roundabouts and highlighting hazards on rural roads. The unique socket system allows the chevrons to be easily installed or replaced at the regulated TSRGD standard 515.1 / 515.1A, sharp deviation of route.

Glasdon Gateway

A smart way of displaying village names and speed limits combined, de-cluttering the amount of signage on the road when entering a village.

Road and Traffic Bollards

An extensive range of rigid and passively safe, rebound traffic bollards with ground fixings for all applications. We design and manufacture all of the bollards in our range, to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Reflective Hazard and Verge Marker Posts

Ideal for delineation and highlighting road layouts in urban traffic environments or bends on rural or trunk roads. Manufactured with high quality polymer materials, these marker posts and chevrons increase road safety while providing protection for grass verges.


Glasdon UK | Neopolitan™ 150 Bollard

Neopolitan™ 150 Bollard. Passively safe rebound or rigid bollard featuring large reflector banding for high visibility. Available with a variety of fixing options.

Glasdon UK | Chevroflex Ultra™ Sign System

Chevroflex Ultra™ Sign System Passively safe to BS EN 12767 for roundabouts and highlighting hazards on rural roads.