LUSAS is currently celebrating 35 years of helping its clients to analyse, design and assess all types of infrastructure projects – not just bridges. Our innovative, flexible and trusted software solutions can be applied to diverse applications across a range of industries. We help you realise your imagination.

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LUSAS Bridge

LUSAS Bridge is a world-leading finite element analysis software application for the analysis, design and assessment of all types of bridge structures.

Whether you need to carry out a straightforward linear static analysis of a single span road bridge, a dynamic analysis of a slender architectural steel movable footbridge, or a detailed geometrically nonlinear staged erection analysis of a major cable stayed structure involving concrete creep and shrinkage, LUSAS Bridge provides all the facilities you need.

Extensive results processing, viewing and report generation facilities give you ultimate control over what you plot and print from your analysis. In short, LUSAS Bridge software handles simple grid/grillage and slab structures with ease and has a full range of additional software options and features for more advanced bridge structures.


LUSAS introductory video (short)

LUSAS software is a single solution for the built environment that has been proven on many the world's iconic structures. LUSAS itself is respected as industry innovator and as a researcher, and is now celebrating 35 years of helping its clients to achieve.

LUSAS Version 17 Update Presentation

Version 17.0 of LUSAS sees steel frame design and vehicle load optimisation capabilities extended, prestress enhancements, additional creep and shrinkage models, and new facilities for soil-structure interaction modelling. New attribute viewing and editing features simplify the management and editing of assignments, improving general usability and enabling faster editing. Watch this short introductory presentation to find out about some of the improvements in this release.

Simplify your workflow in LUSAS version 16

Following a brief overview of the some of the new features within LUSAS version 16 that simplify the model building and results viewing and reporting processes, a simple skewed reinforced concrete slab model is used to show how these facilities improve and speed-up a typical workflow. The presentation covers layout grids, analysis categories, graphing through 2D improvements, Print Results Wizard changes and model reporting, running an influence analysis, and using traffic load optimisation to show vehicle loading patterns for chosen locations of interest. Design combinations are created and RC slab design attributes assigned to the model to allow viewing of contours of maximum utilisation for ULS RC slab design to BS EN1992-2:2005/NA:2007. (Version 16.0)

Webinar: Modelling footbridge dynamics with LUSAS

Shows the real-time modelling in LUSAS of a steel arch pedestrian bridge. An overview of eigenvalue and Interactive Modal Dynamics techniques is explained prior to showing the procedures required to progess from a linear static model in order to carry out an eigenvalue analysis and subsequent pedestrian loading assessment and response analysis to the Eurocode. A more detailed recording of the pedestrian loading assessment stage is available from the LUSAS channel.

Cut and cover tunnel modelling with LUSAS

Import of a DXF file to create a 2D slice model of a simple cut and cover tunnel model. Material properties, supports and loading are assigned, prior to showing how activation and deactivation of elements can be done to model the staged construction process of excavating the soil, installing ground anchors and constructing tunnel structure. A linear and a nonlinear analysis is performed to evaluate using different soil properties. (Version 15.2)