Mabey is a leading international bridge and engineering services specialist combining engineering excellence with expert design and manufacturing skills. We help deliver infrastructure projects more quickly, safely and efficiently across the road, rail, utilities and construction sectors.

Mabey is a leading international bridge and engineering services specialist combining engineering excellence with expert design and manufacturing skills. We help deliver infrastructure projects more quickly, safely and efficiently across the road, rail, utilities and construction sectors.

Our engineering capabilities include the design, manufacture and installation of permanent and temporary bridges; structural and environmental monitoring services; design and provision of temporary works including propping, jacking, formwork and falsework systems; and the hire of non-mechanical groundworks equipment.

Mabey has been in business for nearly 100 years, employs more than 600 people and delivers projects from 28 locations around the world.

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Mabey Compact 200™

The Compact 200™ (C200™) system is Mabey’s most widely used modular bridging product and is available for both permanent and temporary applications. With a heritage stretching back over 70 years to the original Bailey Bridge system, the system's extensive use worldwide pays testament to its versatility.

The compact bridge system uses standard, interchangeable steel components to provide robust, rapidly deployed and erected solutions for; permanent bridges, temporary bridges, rural bridges, access bridges, footbridges and emergency and contingency bridging applications. Emergency and contingency bridge stocks, held in country, allow for immediate availability when needed.

The C200™ can carry up to two lanes of traffic, with options for internal and external foot walks, and can be configured as a single or multiple span compact bridge. Multi-span solutions are supported on intermediate piers, meaning that there is no limitation to the length the C200™ can bridge; this makes it a versatile solution suited to a wide range of applications. Floating bridge solutions, using pontoon systems and bespoke connections, have also been achieved, as well as jetty applications for ferry and barge access.

The C200™ can also be adapted to serve as pipe or utility support bridges suited to carrying, for example, oil, water, gas pipes, conveyors and other services and is the most adaptable and versatile solution in the Mabey range.

For more information on how the C200™ suits your application, please speak to our Expert.

Mabey Atlas™ Bridge

The Mabey Atlas Bridge combines the benefits of a unique pre-engineered, modular deck system with the simplicity of plate girder fabrication, creating a lightweight steel bridging system which is fully pre-fabricated.

Available in both standard and bespoke designs, the Atlas can be configured as a conventional permanent bridge for both urban and rural applications, or as a permanent flyover to ease urban traffic congestion.

Our Atlas Bridges can accommodate 2 lanes of traffic per module (4 lanes side by side) and can be used in multiple span applications with no length restrictions, and supported on intermediate piers where required. We can also supply parapets and external walkways if required.

All of our Atlas Bridges can be tailored to meet customer-specific requirements. In addition to any special load requirements, we are able to accommodate site-specific topography, extremes of high temperature, high wind loads and seismic requirements.

Mabey Pedestrian Bridge

Mabey's Footbridges are made using the same standard, pre-engineered, modular and fully interchangeable steel components used in our Compact 200 bridges. Quick and easy to erect, they are designed for both permanent and temporary pedestrian applications.

Our Footbridges - also known as Pedestrian Bridges - can be supplied in a wide range of different walkway widths and can be fitted with a variety of mesh in-fill panels for pedestrian safety. Pedestrian access can be provided direct from abutments or, for elevated crossings, via staircases or ramps - we offer a ‘full scheme’ design service to ensure the solution we provide is fit for your purpose.

Mabey Delta Bridge™

Our Delta Bridges provide a proprietary pre-fabricated modular bridging system suited for long-spanning permanent applications on main highways or in rural areas. It uses standardised, interchangeable steel components with full highway loading capability to provide a permanent, lightweight, steel bridging solution which can be configured for clear spans of up to 100 metres. It can also be supplied in multiple spans, supported on intermediate piers, meaning that there is no limitation to the length it can bridge.

Combining the best of off-site fabrication with high speed construction and rapid installation, our Delta Bridges offer significant advantages over more traditional construction techniques which involve major site work. The versatility and robustness of its design means that it can be easily assembled and dismantled, making it equally suited to long-term temporary bridge applications.

Mabey can supply a solution to suit your particular requirements and we are able to accommodate any special load requirements as well as site specific topography, extremes of temperature, high wind loads, and seismic requirements.


Introducing our new all-modular all-steel bridging solution

Traditionally, modular steel bridging solutions have comprised of concrete Substructure – the abutments – and steel Superstructure – the bridge.

However, with the introduction of the steel modular abutment system, Bolt-A-Bin®, Mabey is able to revolutionise the way it approaches modular bridging projects. We are now able to combine Mabey's best-selling modular steel bridge, the Compact 200™, with Bolt-A-Bin®, an innovative modular steel abutment system, to offer an all-modular, all-steel bridging solution which is transforming modular bridge construction all over the world.

Developed by our partners, Canadian firm AIL, Bolt-A-Bin®, the innovative lightweight steel bridge abutment and retaining wall solution, consists of a strong, cellular, corrugated steel retaining wall into which a mass of local granular soil can be compacted, resulting in a permanent steel abutment. This eradicates the need for concrete-pouring, substantially reducing project costs on materials, installation and overall programme delivery.

The design is very simple. The ‘boxes’ of corrugated steel can be configured in a number of standard plan dimensions and heights to incorporate changes in elevation and support a variety of straight or curved installations for differing project applications. The unique design of the product, combined with the strength of the enclosed mass of earth, enables it to withstand ground movements without cracking or bulging, and ensures the weight of a bridge and its load can be carried safely.

Bolt-A-Bin® abutments are also lightweight and quick and easy to assemble by hand on-site, delivering outstanding versatility, especially in remote locations, and minimising the impact of on-site works on the environment.

Coupled with Mabey’s best-selling Compact 200™ product, the result is a unique all-modular all-steel solution which can be used for both permanent and temporary applications, most recently demonstrated on a project in Liberia; the first solution of its kind in Africa.

(Bolt-A-Bin is a registered trademark belonging to AIL International Inc.)


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