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James Fisher Testing Services (JFTS) is a world-leading provider of specialist testing services and advanced structural health monitoring solutions to the UK construction, infrastructure and maintenance sectors. JFTS supports customers in maximising productivity and safely extending asset life, through the use of innovative and highly accurate testing and monitoring solutions.

In 2017 Testconsult, a leading provider of specialist testing services and testing and monitoring equipment, re-branded to JFTS. JFTS also incorporates the world-class structural health monitoring capabilities of Strainstall UK Ltd - long associated with the design and installation of specialist structural monitoring systems.

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  • BridgeWatch - Smart Asset Management System (SAMS) (2 MiB)

    BridgeWatch enables you to monitor, evaluate and manage a cost effective maintenance programme for your assets. Fully integrated into the life management of your structure, BridgeWatch® provides the ultimate solution for convenient and reliable structural health monitoring (SHM). The advanced analytical processing capabilities of the BridgeWatch® system have revolutionised the way SHM is used as a preventative maintenance tool, optimising asset management.

  • Hidden bridge defect investigation and monitoring (1.55 MiB)

    JFTS’ experience and specialist technical knowledge is a result of decades working with bridge managers all over the world. We use proven structural investigation techniques and have developed a range of affordable and reliable monitoring solutions for hidden and visible defects.

  • BridgeStrike monitoring solutions (1.89 MiB)

    Our BridgeStrike monitoring solution has been devised to be cost effective for widespread installation, without compromising on accuracy and performance. The system alerts operators immediately in the event of a strike, allowing remedial works to be completed and the structure made safe for traffic. For added protection, our over-height vehicle detection system can actively warn drivers if their vehicle exceeds the height of an oncoming bridge, allowing them to change route and avoid a collision.

  • Our services at a glance (605.24 KiB)

    James Fisher Testing Services offers a comprehensive range of materials and foundation testing services, together with industry-leading structural instrumentation and health monitoring solutions.


James Fisher Testing Services


Structural health monitoring with BridgeWatch - Smart Asset Management

An explanation of the JFTS Smart Asset Management System (SAMS) in action. Learn how SAMS uses an open source technology stack to gather raw data from multiple sources and generate user defined structural performance reports.